Commissioned Murals

This is the first time that I have created a history of my artwork in digital. Artists used to have to use slides to document their creativity.

Many of my slides have turned yellow. As I go through my records I still remember each work and the feelings of joy and the challenges that went along with each piece.

I was blessed with many mural commissions. This one was from a furniture store in Lynnwood WA. They approved my ideas and give me freedom to create the tree and childre. Since then the store was demolished to make room for a new highway.

At the time I created this mural, I did not have a fear of falling off of tall ladders. This mural took up a large tall wall in the children's section of the furniture store. I am a small woman... at that time I think I was maybe 5'1". There is something about creating big artworks that has appealed to me.

With each artwork there is always a story that goes with the art. I used to show my artwork in a special space in Bellevue WA that was both an art gallery and a spiritual space. This piece was done for the entry. The owner wanted something like this to greet people. Many great memories of taking meditation classes and other memorable experiences that deepened my awareness of being spiritual as an artist.

Life is full of many lessons. If you are also an artist, please learn from me. Document your artwork, who purchased it and keep good records. I did not and now many years later wish that I had. I am so grateful for the tools we have today to take good quality images of our creativity.

This mural below: I do not remember who I created this mural in a private home was. If I did this for you please contact me. This is I believe either in a home in San Jose CA or a home in WA. To help pay for my education at California College of Arts and Crafts, I did a lot of commissioned artwork.

Forgive me please. These mural blogs are a big part for me to experience again. I was never good at documenting my artwork, but it feels great to be able to visit what I accomplished years ago.

Doing commissioned artwork can be difficult for an artist. Why? There is a melding that needs to happen with keeping the client happy and being able to have creative license.

It seems to me that I remember that after I created this piece in a private home in Bellevue WA, the clients wanted a Seattle ferry to be painted. And they wanted even the people on the ferry to show up too. That was very difficult because the ferry was only about a 5"x12" on this 8'x6' mural. I have learned many hard lessons in my career.

Here was one very big lesson!!!!! A different client wanted me to combine 3 photos of her family in a piece that was 22"x30". Her photos were very small to work from.. One of her children, one of their dog and one of a mountain scene. I did my very best, but when they came to pick up the artwork, she was not happy and began to tell me how she wanted the eyes of the dog to be outlined. We are talking about an image of a dog in the painting that was about 2"x2". There was something else that she wanted changed also. I explained that artists need to have creative license when they create and for her to take a pencil and put what she wanted on the dogs eyes did not set well with me. I told her to get out of my studio and did not give her the painting. I later cut it up leaving the wonderful mountain scene and sold it at one of the galleries I showed my artwork in. Artists need to be able to follow their creative intuition. That is the reason I paint and create artwork. After that experience I did not take any more commissions for years.

This mural I believe that I created it for Maddi Nolan who wanted it for her daughter.

I was able to create what I wanted but in this specific theme.

My wonderful husband, Fred created the wood panels for me to use. He has been such a treasure in my life supporting many of my crazy ideas. I am so very grateful for him in my life!

I love the cow! I think I called her Blossom! This was a very fun piece to create.

-Catherine Foster #art #artists #catherinefoster #murals #creativity #challenges #painting

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