Maybe the largest mural I have ever Created!

Updated: Nov 24

This is one of the largest mural projects I have worked on. Several years ago, (maybe 25+) I was given a commission to create murals in a large back room in the Mandala store up in Anacortes WA. I believe that today the store was sold and is something else. I wonder if they kept the murals?

They pretty much gave me carte blanche to create whatever I wanted. I submitted my designs and they gave me the go ahead. I believe it took several trips from Brier WA up to Anacortes to complete this project.

The owners of the store set up a scaffold for me to get to the top of the wall to create this piece!

I was not fearful at that time of heights! I would get so involved with the mural that one day, as if I was sanding on the floor, I stepped back and nearly fell off the scaffold. Right away I changed my awareness. It was a very tall ceiling. So glad I caught myself before falling. I remember I sat down on the scaffold and caught my breath and did not continue until my heart rate went back to normal.

When that image was completed the owners asked if I would do a third mural down to the left of angels. The whole mural was a huge challenge and accomplishment. After that I was not too keen on getting up on scaffolds again.

WAHOOOO! I just found another box of photographs with more pictures I want to share.

I could not have done this whole room mural with out the help of one of my very best ever friends- Sheryl Allen. I believe she and I have been friends for about 28+ years now. Sheryl painted all the mandalas on the walls. How could I ever forget that special time we had together!

Together Sheryl and I painted the ceiling, and all the walls with blue and white clouds.She has always been very talented at creating mandala's. Thank you Sheryl for always being there with and for me. What a journey we have had.

Thank you Tom and Jane for trusting in me and Sheryl to paint the whole room.

I would love to know if the mural is still there!

-Catherine Foster #art #artists #catherinefoster #murals #creativity #challenges #painting #mandala's

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