Oh the Challenges of creating murals!

I was blessed with doing several murals for the Clower Family. Not sure how long this one took for me to create. The mock up designs where created from photographs of the subject matter on butcher paper to the size of the walls. From there I taped the mock up to the wall and punctured holes in thru the paper to create dots on the walls to give me a starting point. Next I drew the whole images in pencil onto the wall. The next challenge was to start the painting. These were very tall ceilings in this house which meant I needed to climb ladders.

The Clower house Tacoma WA.

I am not sure if I really knew what I was getting into when I took this commission on!

The ledge I had to stand on and often sat on was about 2 feet wide. Manipulating between the paints, water tub, canvas drop cloth was a challenge. Every time I needed fresh water, I had to carefully climb down the ladder, refresh the water and climb back up.

At the time of creating this mural, we lived in Kent WA. Every time I went to paint, I needed to travel a long time to Tacoma and back.

I had an observer while I painted. Their cute dog.. I do not remember his name.. but he would keep me company. Not sure if he knew what my conversations were with him, but it was fun to have him there. It was especially great when I could observe him for his portrait.

The last part of this project was the part above the stairs. I remember I not only needed a ladder to reach the area to paint, but also needed to have a pice of sturdy wood to stand on.

There were times when I think I was close to falling. It amazes me now to think that it was a very dangerous mural to paint. I must have had powerful angels that helped me get through this project. I do remember getting home and falling asleep after most of the painting sessions.

When this mural was completed, the Clowers asked me to come back and do another mural downstairs. What a blessing to be able to create these works.

This smaller mural was the biggest mural challenge I have ever had to create. All I had to go from was a very small black and white old photograph 2"x3". Wow, it makes me tear up to see the work I used to do. Murals are some of the most physically draining projects. Just my viewpoint.

I totally honor muralists who do those large outdoor full, huge building sized murals. Hats off to you!

-Catherine Foster



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